Case Studies

Former Oakfield Campus Site Disposal Valuation


Swindon Borough Council/Nationwide


AspinallVerdi was jointly commissioned by Swindon Borough Council and Nationwide Building Society to undertake a Red Book Valuation to inform the Market Value of a Council owned site prior to its disposal.


AspinallVerdi undertook market research into sales values, build costs and land values using published market data and consulting with local estate agents and active house builders.

Based on our assumptions we ran a residual appraisal to assess the land value which we cross-referenced with our evidence on land sales to ensure it represented Market Value. 


Prior to our involvement the client team were unclear whether it was feasible for either side to progress with the proposition and whether the Council should take the site to the open market. Our valuation provided clarification on the parameters for the negotiations. 

1704 Oakfiled Site Swindon Dispoal Valuation Case Study V2
Former Oakfield Campus Site Disposal Valuation