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Silen’s Works

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Yorkshire Forward

Little Germany, Bradford


Ben Aspinall was commissioned by Yorkshire Forward to appraise an application for grant assistance to aid the redevelopment of Silen’s Works in Little Germany, Bradford for private residential accommodation. Silens Works is a Grade II Listed property and the proposal was to develop 23 loft style apartments. The scheme involved the comprehensive refurbishment of the building and the development of new apartments

Actions Undertaken

Ben adopted a two stage approach to the commission. The Developer was cautious as to sales values in this emerging market for Bradford and Ben prepared research which included: the potential market for City Centre living in Bradford; analysis of the development pipeline; and an overview of development activity in other cities. The second part of the commission involved the preparation of a detailed scheme appraisal against the criteria of;

  • location,
  • strategic context,
  • scale,
  • practicality,
  • additionality,
  • relevant cause,
  • value for money and risk

Results Achieved

Ben’s report was used to take forward the project for grant assistance. The final document addressed the following key elements;

  1. the end value of the completed project,
  2. an appraisal of the applicants development costs,
  3. an assessment of the scheme design, and
  4. commentary in respect of the applicants marketing strategy.

The project was awarded a grant of c£1m and has subsequently been completed.

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Silen’s Works