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Emma Whiteley

Emma Whiteley



Emma joined AspinallVerdi in December 2020 having completed her Geography (BSc) degree at Sheffield Hallam University where she gained knowledge of Urban Regeneration, Development & Sustainability, Planning policy, Urban Design, and gained experience using GIS. She will then be going on to complete her (MSc) Real Estate course, which is accredited by RICS, covering Development, Valuation and Real Estate Finance & Investment.

Emma has a keen interest in development and sustainability, having undertaken several modules within her BSc Geography course which looked at the planning of sustainable settlements both nationally, and internationally. An international fieldwork visit to the Netherlands was undertaken as part of this, and a portfolio containing a self-designed sustainable settlement was created (achieving a 68 – high 2:1 grade).

Since joining AspinallVerdi Emma has gained experience in undertaking property market research, having assisted in the preparation of a number of site-specific financial viability assessments for public and private sector clients. 

Favourite Regeneration Project

Nesselande: Nesselande is one of Rotterdam’s largest city expansions, located along the eastern side of Zevenhuizerplas which is an artificial lake. The centre of this new city district consists of almost 5,000 dwellings and is set along the boulevard of the Zevenhuizerplas, with 800 meters of beach, stretching from marina to an open area. This area in the north of the strip, is the transition from landscape and recreation, city-boulevard and open water. The residential areas of Nesselande are constructed rectangular sections creating a densely populated community, The aim was to ensure that the land was used as efficiently as possible whilst, still providing large areas of green space. The houses are sustainably built with eco-friendly ways of waste disposal. The community are also encouraged to use bikes and walk with large areas of Nesselande being pedestrianised, reducing the need to use cars. This regeneration scheme is one of my favourites as it shows how we can cater for increasing numbers of people without compromising green space. The methods used in Nesselande can be transferred in to local and regional projects, working towards a more sustainable future.

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