Development Appraisal & Financial Modelling

Development Appraisal & Financial Modelling

We have key skills in bespoke financial modelling to support project development. This modelling is paramount to private developers, funding institutions as well as public sector organisations including: Local Authorities, LEPs (Local Enterprise Partnerships) and Homes England.

Feasibility studies

Bespoke financial modelling of all major mixed use regeneration and development opportunities. We have a proven track record in modelling detailed cashflows with multiple funding streams over lengthy time scales using bespoke and proprietary software packages including Excel, ProDev, and Circle.

Residual appraisals

This is the corollary of the feasibility study work where financial analysis can be provided to determine the residual value of a site for a given level of profit. The key is understanding the level of profit that is acceptable for a particular development project, together with the relevant measure (e.g. Internal Rate of Return).

Sensitivity analysis

Multiple variable sensitivity analysis to test the robustness of development propositions to changes in financial parameters. The analysis is based upon a detailed understanding of the advantages and limitations of the computer software and grounded in the context of ‘real’ property market risks.

‘Red Book’ valuations

Red Book valuation of development sites. We have a proven track record of residual appraisals and sensitivity analysis which is more in-depth for complex lending solutions. We are RICS Registered Valuers.

Development funding

We work at the interface between private sector schemes and public sector investments. We have a proven track record in the preparation of business plans and the delivery of funding for both the private and public sector.

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