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Aylesbury Vale Community Infrastructure

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Aylesbury Vale Community Infrastructure


Simon was retained by Gladman Developments Limited (GDL) to provide community infrastructure advise associated with the promotion of various strategic development sites in Aylesbury Vale. GDL has significant land interests in Aylesbury Vale, including a number of sites in Winslow. Simon’s work provides the evidence base to inform sustainable planning for potential future development of these sites. It supported the development of a Rural Development Plan for Aylesbury Vale and site specific masterplans.

Services Provided

Simon was responsible for:

  • an audit of community infrastructure in all key rural settlements in Aylesbury Vale, identifying existing services and facilities and any existing shortfalls or deficiencies;
  • input and advice to the production of the rural development plan, including identifying a revised settlement hierarchy and the potential suitability and sustainability of each settlement to accommodate future growth;;
  • analysis of the necessary expansion of existing services and facilities and provision of new services and facilities in Winslow to support various growth scenarios in the town.
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Aylesbury Vale Community Infrastructure