Development Procurement

Development Procurement

We have detailed understanding and experience of implementing major urban regeneration projects, acting for either the public sector or the private sector.

Developer selection

Acting on behalf of the public sector in order to identify and market attractive development packages to the private sector. We can advise how a development opportunity is likely to be perceived by the private sector and package schemes in order to deliver the required outcome.

European procurement

We have practical knowledge and experience of all EU procurement procedures working closely with eminent procurement lawyers.

Bid/Tender management

The management and co-ordination of often complex procurement processes from a private sector tenderer perspective in order to deliver a successful proposal in the development/regeneration sector.

Partnerships and development agreements

The negotiation of development agreements and shareholder agreements in order to procure development schemes and joint ventures. We have experience of handling complex negotiations including the establishment of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and targets that are challenging, but achievable.

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