We have vast experience of multi-disciplinary professional team working across all sectors – from public regeneration and development agencies; local authorities; private developers; and third sector community development trusts and ‘town teams’.

Property regeneration

This is not just limited to development in designated regeneration areas and areas of deprivation, but any scheme which could be considered to be ‘not-prime’. We have a proven track record of operating as development surveyors in this niche area and are specialist property regeneration consultants.

Economic Development

Formulation of economic policy, sub-regional action plans and area based strategies often working as part of a multi-disciplinary team with economists.

Community Development

We are involved in ‘grass-roots’ community projects working with Community Foundations and Community Development Trusts.

Public Consultation

The co-ordination, implementation and follow-up of public consultation events for major urban regeneration projects and/or planning applications. We are ‘embedded’ in the development team and are therefore well placed to understand the requirements of the developer/Local Authority client and the aspirations of the local community.


We are often sub-consultants to international urban design practices who have been commissioned to prepare area-wide and site-wide masterplans. We provide a valuable role in delivering the economic and property proposals.

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