Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Town and country planning has been a fundamental part of land ownership and development since the housing and public health codes of the industrial revolution and we are fully engaged in the planning process at all levels. Our skills as Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers as well as Chartered Town Planners means that we are ideally placed to advise on economic viability which is a fundamental part of plan making and decision taking in planning.

Options analysis

This involves the review of a site’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints in order to advise upon the redevelopment options for particular uses. We are able to fully appreciate a site’s potential from all perspectives including the aspirations of the landowner and local authority as well as the appetite from the private sector development community.


The negotiation of S106 Agreements for major developments acting for either the Local Planning Authority or the developer. We are able to model the impact on affordable housing viability of particular planning requirements and use this to prepare a viability statement and negotiate a realistic consent.

Planning policy

Our services provide an essential part of the market research and evidence base to support policy development, including: the production of masterplans; the formulation of Area Action Plans; financial modelling for Local Plan Viability including Affordable Housing viability and Community Infrastructure Levy.

Housing – Strategic Land

A large part of our work is advising on the long-term planning, viability and delivery mechanism for strategic urban extensions, garden suburbs and new towns. This can involve site assembly, influencing the development plan, funding primary infrastructure and affordable housing viability.

Land Value Capture 

A common thread throughout the government’s attempts to solve the housing crisis is ‘land value capture’. This is a mechanism by which the ‘windfall’ value from planning allocations and permissions (particularly on greenfield sites with a low / agricultural existing use value) is ‘captured’ to help co-fund infrastructure, affordable housing and high quality design.  AspinallVerdi has the key skills required in planning, valuation, site assembly, compulsory purchase etc. to be able to advise Authorities and Garden Town Development Corporations on working with landowners. 

Infrastructure and Growth

Our skills in financial viability, funding and delivery mechanisms are key to ‘unlocking’ sites to deliver infrastructure and growth. We are often retained by strategic land companies and/or local authorities to test the viability of strategic development areas (SDAs) vis-à-vis the timing and phasing of infrastructure.  This could be to support plan making (e.g. affordable housing viability and CIL) or delivery (e.g. phasing and trigger points for infrastructure, CIL off-setting mechanisms etc).

Employment Land Reviews

We are trusted by our clients to provide the appropriate robust evidence base to support site allocations and de-allocations for employment uses for plan making purposes.  Our knowledge on development delivery and interpretation of market data is key to informing our assessments on site suitability across the plan period and in the context of the wider market. 

Heritage & Listed buildings

We can assist with feasibility studies and funding to address buildings which have heritage or listed status. This includes making the case for enabling development and optimum viable use.

Build to Rent

We have a thorough understanding of the build to rent sector.  Ben Aspinall was shortlisted to be on the government’s private rented sector (PRS) taskforce following the Montague Review of institutional investment into the private rented sector.  Since then we have worked alongside investors and developers to research and test the feasibility of projects throughout the UK.  We carried out a substantial feasibility study into build to rent housing in Stoke for the City Council and the HCA.  This included appraising the capacity and financial modelling four significant regeneration sites within the city and market testing these with our database of PRS investors. We also helped to deliver the first significant purpose built PRS scheme in Leeds at Belle Vue Mills and have appraised schemes in Leeds, Chesterfield and Leicester etc.    

Development Management and Advisory

This encompasses a number of services including feasibility studies; options analysis; development management etc. in order to provide comprehensive and rounded advice. Bespoke reporting can meet the specific requirements of the client in order to progress a particular scheme to a successful outcome.

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