Case Studies

Infrastructure Study

Property Market Analysis

Arun District Council

Project Outline

AspinallVerdi was part of a team of consultants lead by Aecom to prepare this significant study. The project involved detailed analysis of the four competing growth options for the District. The District requires a further 7,500 new residential dwellings over the 4,000 that had already been allocated within the Plan.

The analysis included an assessment of the infrastructure requirements of each option and indeed what each option could deliver in terms of future CIL contributions.

Working closely with colleagues at Aecom each option was costed and Atam led the assessment of the deliverability and prospective CIL contributions for each option.

A detailed report was prepared to enable the Council to take decisions with respect to future consultation and preparation of its development plan.

Interestingly at the time one of the growth options was the proposed Eco Town at Ford.

Services Provided

The services provided by AspinallVerdi in this project included

  • Preparation of material for consultation with key stakeholders
  • Detailed market analysis across the District in terms of land/development values across all sectors
  • Preparation of financial models to indicate potential CIL contributions taking into account affordable housing requirements and local market circumstances
  • Presenting the information to the client/stakeholder group

The study effectively informed the strategy of the local authority.

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Infrastructure Study