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CIL Viability Study: Sandwell

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Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council


AspinallVerdi was commissioned by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council to prepare a Borough wide development viability assessment to be used as evidence to support the introduction of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule.

The key elements of the study were:

  • Assessment of land values to identify significant variances by location/development type;
  • Assessment of CIL rates including sensitivity testing based on values, use and location; and
  • Recommend CIL tariffs/rate to achieve an appropriate balance between delivering infrastructure and the impact on development viability.

Services Provided

AspinallVerdi undertook the following tasks:

  • Review of available market evidence and planning policy documents (e.g. SHLAA and Employment Land Study) as well as gathering further market intelligence.
  • Consultations with developers and agents to understand their views on commercial viability.
  • Agree development typologies to be tested.
  • Prepare bespoke viability model.
  • Sensitivity analysis to test changes in values and costs on scheme viability.
  • Prepare report setting out evidence base for proposed development typologies and viability model, with recommendations on CIL rates for the Charging Schedule.


The viability study was completed within a 6 week period with clear recommendations on proposed CIL rates and Zones based on commercial viability of the proposed schemes/uses.

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CIL Viability Study: Sandwell