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Claro Barracks

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Town Centre Regeneration and Masterplanning

Harrogate Borough Council

Project Outline

AspinallVerdi worked alongside Genecon to assess the economic impacts which the proposed closure of Claro Barracks may have on Ripon.

The Claro Barracks in Ripon is set to close and relocate by 2017 as part of wider planned Ministry of Defence (MoD) reforms. The relocation of some 600 troops and their families would have direct, indirect, and induced economic and financial effects on the local economy, and perhaps wider economy.

Opportunities to off-set impacts through effective redevelopment or reuse of the Barracks site required careful assessment as part of the study.

Services Provided

AspinallVerdi provided the following -

  • A detailed baseline assessment of the Ripon local economy against which the impact of the closure and future use options could be considered, and future performance of the economy can be reviewed;
  • Identified the potential direct and indirect economic impacts of the closure of Claro Barracks on the city economy;
  • Assessed the development potential of the surplus Barracks;
  • Identified a range of strategic responses to the economic baseline findings and the opportunities presented by the Barracks site. 


Harrogate Council and the MoD are currently working towards an agreement for the site.

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Claro Barracks