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Former Rauceby Hospital, Greylees, Sleaford

Heritage & Listed Buildings
Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Site Specific S106/Affordable Housing Economic Viability Appraisals

North Kesteven District Council


AspinallVerdi was retained to provide economic viability advice, heritage and expert witness services in respect of the planning application and appeal inquiry for redevelopment of the ‘central core’ element of the site of the former Rauceby Hospital, Sleaford. 

The application site comprised the final phase of the Rauceby Hospital development. The site area of the subject application was 8.29 acres (3.36 ha).  The buildings proposed for refurbishment/redevelopment were not listed, however the site and surrounding (existing) residential development falls within a conservation area and the Rauceby Hospital Registered Park and Garden.  
The original proposal for the central core comprised the refurbishment and restoration of the former hospital buildings to dwellings along with limited new build residential within the surrounding grounds (totaling 59 units). 
However, the developer argued that this scheme was no longer viable and sought consent to demolish the buildings and redevelop the site for 106 new build units.

Key Issues 

The key issues for the public inquiry were: 

  •  The relationship between the heritage policies of the Local Plan and the NPPF vis-à-vis the viability policies. 
  • The lack of enabling development Planning Conditions by the Local Planning Authority in the original consent and the lack of financial provision by the developer. The quantum of land value and developer’s profit – given the developer was arguing the original scheme to be ‘not viable’. 
  • The sales values and the ‘premium’ attached to being located in a conservation area. 
  • The condition of the buildings, cost of restoration and the ‘deliberate neglect’ by the developer.
  • Whether the complete demolition proposal was the only viable solution or the ‘optimum viable use’ of the designated heritage assets as required by the NPPF.

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Former Rauceby Hospital, Greylees, Sleaford