Case Studies

Local Plan Viability Study

Development – Appraisals, Delivery Plans, Development Management, Partnerships and Regen Cos
Garden Communities, Urban Extensions and Strategic Land
Planning Policy – Plan Viability, CIL, Strategic Sites, Employment Land
Property Market Analysis

Horsham District Council


The main objective of the viability study was to provide the Council with an evidence base to assist in identifying the viability impacts of emerging planning policies in its Regulation 18 draft Local Plan.

Services Provided

Throughout the project AspinallVerdi provided the following services:

  • Property market analysis of residential, build to rent, older persons, retail, office and industrial markets to inform values to uses in the appraisals.
  • Review of draft policies and analysis of the cost of such policies including; biodiversity, renewable technology, carbon reduction and water efficiency.
  • Analysis of planned growth.
  • Creation of typologies to use in the testing based on planned growth.
  • Assessment of development costs.
  • Benchmark land value assessment – based on Existing Use plus Premium method.
  • Creation of MS Excel development appraisals
  • Telephone consultations with local agents.
  • Presentation of study to stakeholders. 


AspinallVerdi provided the Council with advice on the viability of their draft policies along with setting out “mix and match” options of different packages of policy options with varying levels of affordable housing. 

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Local Plan Viability Study