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Woodlands Nurseries, Central Bedfordshire

Planning & Development
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Central Bedfordshire Council


AspinallVerdi were commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council to assess the viability of a development which had been proposed to enable the development of a plant production facility in Biggleswade. AspinallVerdi were responsible for determining whether the quantum of development proposed was necessary to fund the works associated with this horticultural development.   

The proposed development included 35 residential units, 2 industrial units totaling 100,000 sqft, a new access road, a number of greenhouses and a number of other elements associated with the production of plants. 

AspinallVerdi led on this project, with assistance from Rex Procter and Partners with regards to construction costs.   

The project involved a full market assessment, including analysis of property data and consultation with local agents to help determine the values the proposed elements were likely to achieve.

AspinallVerdi then undertook viability appraisals to determine whether the full level of development proposed was required to fund the works proposed. We then prepared a report for the Council, setting out the findings from our assessment.

Services Provided

AspinallVerdi provided the following services: 

  • Property market research.
  • Meeting with the Applicant to discuss their proposal.
  • Consultation with agents.
  • Development/viability appraisals.
  • Preparation of a viability report. 


This planning application is currently being considered by the Council.

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Woodlands Nurseries, Central Bedfordshire